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Wednesday, May 24th 2006

1:35 AM

Rolling Rock

You may have heard by now that Rolling Rock is about to roll right out of its home in Latrobe, PA.  Anheuser-Busch bought the recipe and the name for $82 million.  As of August 1, Rolling Rock will be brewed in New Jersey.  As I've said, it's not right!  In fact, I read today that some bars in western PA are so upset, that as of August 1st, they'll no longer sell Rolling Rock.  Good!  Anheuser-Busch will probably ruin the beer anyway.

What's still up in the air is what will happen to the brewery in Latrobe.  It's up for sale but, so far, no buyers.  The same article that mentioned the bars also mentioned that the folks from Samuel Adams might be interested.  Apparently, they have a brewery in Ohio, and may want to expand.  But, nothing definite yet.

I probably shouldn't be so worked up about this.  I mean, it's been years since I've actually had any Rolling Rock to drink.  Somehow, I have survived.  But, I remember Rolling Rock from college when you could go to one of the taverns in town and buy a pitcher of it for $2.50.  At least, that's what I heard.

I guess I'm just disappointed because it's another Pennsylvania tradition - gone.  First, Pennsylvania House got sold to La-Z-Boy, which promptly moved production to China.  Now, Rolling Rock is going to be made in New Jersey.   What's next?

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Posted by Harold:

I think what's next is the Pennsylvania Dutch will be converting from Mennonitism to Radical Islam. On the plus side they'll get to keep the beards, the clothes (their women may have to add veils, but otherwise they're already up to code), and the rejection of modern worldly ways. In the negative column will be the fact that the next horse and buggy you see while visiting Pennsylvania Dutch country may be loaded with high explosives.
Wednesday, May 31st 2006 @ 10:31 PM

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